Debt-to-Income Calculator (DTI)

Lenders look at your debt-to-income ratio to determine whether to lend you money or extend your line of credit.
Use this calculator to estimate your home loan eligibility.

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Estimated Loan Eligibility

What's a Good DTI?

You should strive to keep your DTI below 36%, the lower it is, the greater chance you'll be eligible for a home loan or extension of credit. If you have a DTI of 20% or below that is considered excellent!

How Do I Figure My DTI?

Simply add up your minimum monthly debt and divide it by your gross monthly income (income before taxes).

Gross Monthly Income: $2,000.
Total Monthly Debt: $400 (car payment of $350 & credit card minimum payment $50 = $400)
400 / 2000 = 0.2, or 20%

Your DTI is 20%

DTI Calculator Help

Annual Income

This is the combined annual income for you and your co-borrower before taxes. Also include salary, commissions, bonuses, overtime, tips, rental income, investment income, alimony, child support, etc. in this figure.

Minimum Credit Card Payments

This is total amount of minimum credit card payments you pay each month. Do not include credit card balances you pay off in full in this figure.

Car Loan Payments

This is the total amount of car payments you have each month as part of a lease and/or finance agreement.

Other Loan Payments

Any other loan obligations you may have. This includes student loans, alimony, child support, housing payments (rent or mortgage) other than the new mortgage you are seeking, and any other personal debts with monthly payments.

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